What you need to know • Summer Airboat Tours in New Orleans

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What you need to know • Summer Airboat Tours in New Orleans

By New Orleans Tour Company

Summer is upon us, with its daytime heat and sultry nights. Don't fret. There are plenty of ways to keep cool and easily one of the most popular (besides air-conditioned bars) is a short trip to enjoy a summer airboat tour. While there are covered boats that cruise the waterways of the Bayous, small (six passenger) or large (14-16 passenger) airboats are able to take you deeper into the swamp among the cypress trees and hidden alligator holes.

While the whole cruise isn't spent flying across the waters with the wind in your hair, you'll get many tastes of speed throughout the tour. As you come upon wildlife (including many, many gators) and the splendors of nature unique to the Mississippi Delta swamps, your expert guide will cut the fans and drift in close for an up close look and share stories many visitors don't know.

Most guides are born, raised and have spent their lives fishing, trapping and hunting throughout the bayous, and are familiar with tell-tale signs of gators. Alligators are territorial creatures--unchanged since prehistoric times--and guides have formed friendly, respectful relationships with these reptiles and know where to find them. Many are well known, have been named and show little fear approaching the boats for a closer look at the strange human creatures wanting to snap pictures and point at these majestic reptiles (even though Momma said it's not nice to point).

While it's never guaranteed, a few or the guides will do their best to get one onto the boat for an up close look and guests walk away with pictures proving that they indeed held one of these once-threatened beasts on their airboat adventure. Many guests ask us what to expect. We've given you a few answers here:

"Will we get wet?"
Not unless you decide to jump off the boat and take a dip in the murky waters (which is never encouraged and seldom done).

"What can we bring with us?"
Guests can stow belongings under their seats, though it is recommended not to bring anything valuable that you wouldn't mind losing. Ball caps can fly off (but the free ear protection provided will hold them on) and important papers, such as birth certificates, driver's licenses and winning lottery tickets are best left tucked in your pockets and should never be waved above your head while shouting "yee haw".

"What about a camera?"
Does it have a strap you can put around your neck or hand? Are you known for your firm grip? If yes, then you--and your camera--should be fine.

"How far in advance do we need to reserve our trip?"
As soon as you've decided you want to go. Seriously, summer is the most popular time for airboat tours and they sell out extremely fast. Weekends in New Orleans are always a busy time--year round. If you haven't booked your trip for the weekend by Thursday or Friday at the absolute latest, you won't have a chance to enjoy this tour. We hear it every weekend throughout the summer. There are only so many seats available and very few cancellations.

With the popularity of internet booking, all tours--not only airboat tours--sell out extremely fast. Once you've decided you want to go, book directly online or give us a call: 504-459-9020. We are happy to answer all your questions (even the ones not answered here!) and arrange for the best tour time that fits your schedule, whether you'd like to be picked up and dropped off at your hotel or drive yourself directly to the dock. If driving, make sure you allow at least 35-45 minutes drive time to check in 15 minutes before tour time.

So take a few moments to make a memory you won't forget. Book your tour today!

Last Updated: 12 Aug 17

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