A POV Tour of Bayou Barataria • Covered Swamp Boat

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A POV Tour of Bayou Barataria • Covered Swamp Boat

By New Orleans Tour Company

We shot this video (GoPro, of course, for your POV pleasure) late summer, joined by a nice family in town dropping their eldest daughter off at Tulane University, with their two younger girls joining them on the trip.  Tom Brokaw was rumored to be rushing to get to the tour as well but, as he was crossing the country in an old Winnebago going door to door talking ears off, he was running behind and we had to shove off without the famed newsman.

As it's apt to do in those late summer months, a little sun-shower dropped in, which quickly went away as fast as it came on.

Moving at a more leisurely pace than a airboat, with plenty of room to move around on all sides for up-close views, the covered boats are great for families and groups to get out and see the swamp and bayous.  And if a sun-shower passes over, you won't get wet!

So stop immediately whatever you are doing--which is, obviously, reading this--and take a quick look at the video to get an up-close view of what it's like on the covered swamp tour in Barataria...there's even a incredible coupon code in the video to use off your next tour!

You should at the very least let all your friends know, or shout if from the rooftops, but share it with humanity and feel the warm goodness in your heart.  You could very well change lives!

Tweet it, share it on Facebook, Google + -- whatever you play with.  Someone you know will be coming down and wants to know what a swamp tour is all about.

Ye gods, share it for the wonderful sounds of New Orleans legend Louis Armstrong belting out "It's a Wonderful World" ( we infer no copyright or claim to the magnificent piece ) as you get an up-close view of one of America's fast disappearing wonders first-hand.  That's why you share it: for the importance of saving these very wetlands you're watching!

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Last Updated: 12 Aug 17

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