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Saving NOLA Doggies

By New Orleans Tour Company

As the New Year rolls in, we look at the past year and its blessings, and forward to the coming year and all it might hold. We were blessed this year to foster a wonderful dog named Bella Blue for Save-an-Angel Organization, and meet its founders: Johnny and Kristie Sullins. These two New Orleanians refused to lose their sweet young dog Angel to Canine Lymphoma, diagnosed just a few weeks after their wedding. Working tirelessly with little time, they raised the $16,000 necessary for a new canine bone marrow transplant, performed at North Carolina State University. It worked. Today, Angel is happy and healthy and her parents use the same dedication to help other dogs and their owners raise the money necessary to receive this expensive, life-saving treatment.

They didn't stop there. A large and growing part of their Organization's mission is dedicated to help save dogs on death row in high-kill shelters in and around Southern Louisiana. That's how Bella Blue came to us. She had been dumped with her brother and taken in by a local SPCA shelter. Her brother--whom she was bonded to--was adopted and she was left by herself. Depressed and alone, she was deemed non-responsive to humans and her time was short. Save-an-Angel stepped in and saved her, and continue to do for so for as many dogs as possible. Today, we are proud "failed fosters" and have adopted Bella Blue. She and her 13 year old sister Haly patrol the New Orleans Tour Company offices, happily barking, playing and chewing on toys all day.

As of January 1st, we'll donate $1 dollar for every tour booked with New Orleans Tour Company to Save-an-Angel Organization. A family of 5 taking two tours--any tours--just donated $10. Want to give more? Don't be shy. Visit their website and give all you can. Johnny and Kristie Sullens have been joined by a growing army of "Saints", giving dogs (and kitties too!) a second chance at life in a loving home. These wonderful people who volunteer their time, efforts and money truly reflect the better angels of the human spirit of kindness and giving, not only for our fellow man, but our best and most-loyal of friends, the dogs who can't speak for themselves and depend on us to do so.

Let's help Save-an-Angel have the best year yet. Let's help all the doggies live a happy and meaningful life. Let's work towards the day when our animals will never be left unwanted. Remember: Adopt. Don't shop.

Last Updated: 12 Aug 17

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