A Tour of New Orleans

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A Tour of New Orleans

By New Orleans Tour Company

There's a reason New Orleans is one of the most-loved and visited cities in the United States--some might even say the world: it has tremendous Soul. The air heavy with humidity and spirits. A foggy night on the streets of the French Quarter is a magical steeping in a stew of Spanish nights, French Creole manners and the ghosts which inhabit port cities.

More than most cities, New Orleans leans on the past and its own undying traditions: food, drink, music and merriment. A trip here is a constant learning experience that won't grow old or feel phony; NOLA never tries to polish its edges worn smooth with centuries of decadence…and a bit of depravity. This is not Disney World or Orlando, or even Las Vegas with its reputation for sin. Sin here has long experience, like a patina on the iron fences you stroll past.

An evening spent on St. Charles Avenue amongst the mansions and streetcar tracks laid down on the wide grassy neutral ground; finding a special spot on the corner of Delachaise Street to drink it all in. A daytime walk passing by streets named Constantinople, and Napoleon Avenue; Felicity and Freret; Pleasant and Prytania.

It can be overwhelming at times, knowing where to go or, more importantly, where you want to be. The neighborhoods blend into one another and people often find themselves pulled to one in particular: the Vieux Carre (French Quarter); the tight, winding streets and colorful shutters and doors of Faubourg Marigny; the neighborhoods along Esplanade Avenue, the ancient gateway to Bayou St. John and City Park; the Carrolton area of Uptown, where some meaty restaurants and watering holes dish up local cuisine and brass band nights. The Magazine Street corridor with its many shops, bars and restaurants to dine al fresco and watch the pretty people stroll by. The famed Garden District and Irish Channel. Everyone has a favorite. Which will be yours?

To find out you should start out with a New Orleans City Tour. Winding comfortably through neighborhood streets you'll not only hear of the colorful history and culture of this magical town, you'll see restaurants and little out of the way places where you'll want to spend more time.

While many people think of the French Quarter, there is so much more to New Orleans, and the locals aren't afraid to tell you, sharing some of their best kept secrets. We want you to feel the love for this city as we do; whether born and bred here or transplanted from elsewhere, people are proud to call it home. Many have stories of taking a Tour of New Orleans upon first arriving and feeling a little pitter-patter in the heart when they entered a particular neighborhood, telling themselves, "I want to live here." Soon enough, that's exactly where they find themselves, firmly ensconced in their little bastion of charm.

While not everyone who visits can or will make the move here, nearly everyone who does come has the thought run through their head, "I could live here. My god, I want to live here!" And that's what we love to hear. Our visitors smitten as we are. Sharing favorite spots and haunts like seasoned locals. Making loose promises and plans to return and always wanting to go deeper into the soul of the city with each visit. Is it any wonder? It's the Big Easy. The City That Care Forgot.

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