My pickup time says 8:30AM-9AM? Why the 30 minute window?

Coaches have to navigate throughout the Downtown?CBD (central business district) and French Quarter streets to pickup at the various hotels. Most tours have separate coaches for either area, though some tours use one coach. With the wide range of hotel stops, pedestrians and vehicle traffic it is impossible to give an exact time. We ask for your cell phone contact number during the booking process so that the driver may get in touch with you directly, should he/she be running behind or is at your hotel and is waiting. To expedite the process, we ask our guests to be ready at the earliest pick-up time, and we certainly appreciate your understanding and patience.

Do any tours include snacks, meals or drinks?

No tours provide any snacks, drinks or meals. However, guests are always welcome to bring drinks and snacks on the coaches (please don't make a mess and dispose of your trash!) and for longer combo tours, guests are also welcome to bring their own lunches and if you advise us in the "comment" section of your order checkout, please mention that you'd like a cooler available. During City Tours, there will be a short (approx. 20 minutes) break for guests to use the restroom or purchase snacks or drinks. At the airboat and swamp tour dock locations, there are also snacks and drinks available for purchase. On the Plantation Tours, Oak Alley has a full-restaurant as well as snack bar and several areas on the grounds for guests to purchase drinks in the warmer months. Laura and Destrehan Plantations offer light snacks and drinks.

What is the pickup area for the tours?

We've provided a handy map (click here for map) for you to see! While not all hotels and properties are listed on our dropdown pickup menu (hotels and properties change names and owners frequently) , rest assured, if you're located in the pickup area, we'll get 'cha!

Where can I find coupons or discounts for the tours you offer?

Good question. While we keep our prices the same as any advertised price, many times our prices are even lower; we guarantee it. Most coupon codes and specials are advertised directly on the top of all pages (the header). We change them frequently depending on the season, availability and just because we like to make sure you're getting the best deal (psst...pass it on!). For our Facebook followers, there's always a discount available! Just click on the "coupon code" tab (next to "photos", "about", etc) to get your exclusive discount code and simply enter it during checkout online or mention the code when calling to book over the phone with one of our friendly, local agents.

What's the difference between a Swamp Tour and the Airboat Tour?

Another good question! While both tours take you to the swamps and bayous surrounding New Orleans, we classify Swamp Tours as those that take place on a pontoon-style boat, which takes you on a slow meandering through the bayous as your guide entertains you, points out gators and wildlife and gives you a great overview of this fast disapearing ecosystem. Airboat tours take place on small, 6 passenger or large, 13-16 passenger boats propelled by large fans on the back of the boat. Speeds can top 35 miles per hour and airboats have the ability to glide over vegetation and other obstructions. This gives you the ability to get further into the swamps than the larger boats are able to. Rest assured, your tour won't be a non-stop, top speed ride through the bayous and swamps; as you approach wildlife, alligator holes and "slides", your captain will cut the engine and glide into these areas to give you an up close look, answer questions and give you the chance to get the pictures you want. Either way, both trips showcase this important and unique ecosystem. Our hope is that the more people see and enjoy this natural wonder, more will be done to protect and save this area and its way of life.

How do we know our sensitive information is safe and secure when we book online or over the phone with you?

We use top of the line, 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer protocol to protect your credit card and personal info (the same as your online banking). Whether you book online or over the phone, all transactions are processed by Authorize.net--the largest and most secure payment processor. When booking online, we never have access to your full credit card info; if booking over the phone all credit card numbers are immediately shredded and no copy is kept (either paper or digital). We have always passed all PCI compliance checks and there has never been a breach of our security. We only ask for the minimum information required to process your order.

Why should we book in advance? Can't we just make reservations when we arrive?

New Orleans is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the U.S., not to mention all the international travelers that visit and multiple conventions with up to 30 or 40,000 attendees. Seating on the most popular tours are limited and almost always sell out. If you know you want to take a particular tour, book it. We've seen too many sad faces and crestfallen visitors that miss out on the trips they want to do most because they thought they could wait until they were in town. We guarantee the lowest prices on tours, so why wait? You can always change, reschedule or cancel your reservations should the need arise. We don't want your money, we want to have fun and enjoy the town as much as we do. We promise to go above and beyond to make your trip the most pleasant, care-free experience possible. It is the Big Easy, after all...